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Step's 25th Music Anniversary & 50th Birthday


Time flies when you're having fun...I can't believe it's been 25 years of doing what I love and sharing my passion with each of you. I learned to play on a toy accordion, then purchased a $45 Hornor accordion at a flea market... and look where I am today. I give thanks to God and all the musicians who paved the way to help my dream become a reality. The first band that let me sit in was the late, Wilford Chavis, at St. Monica's Catholic Church in 1991. Many others gave me a shot; Willie Davis, Jabo, Paul Richard, Bon Ton, Lil Brian Terry, Wilbert Thibodeux, Lonnie Mitchell, all on the Houston scene in the 90's. I worked hard and eventually got the confidence to approach my mentor Boozoo Chavis & The Magic Sounds. It was a Saturday night at Slim's Y KiKI, in Opelousas La. I played my original, "Lebeau Two-Step"...and I must say, Boozoo was impressed with my selection!! His fans really showed me love and I'll never forget sharing the moment with my parents and many zydeco lovers from the Palmetto, Lebeau community. With the stamp of approval from my mentor, family support and the love from zydeco fans everywhere, I've been blessed with success; a success I'll never take for granted and thank God for daily.

I look forward to celebrating with all of my family and friends Saturday, May 14, 2016 @ The Royal Palace in Houston, TX. It will be an epic evening you don't want to miss!

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