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Step Rideau 25/50

Yes, it was an epic evening with family and friends celebrating my 25 years in music and 50 years of life. To everyone who attended, shared a kind word, kept me in prayer, followed my career, or supported my music; THANK YOU. Your support has been my backbone and a driving force in these 25 years and together we will continue to make a positive impact in the music industry.

A special thanks to Bridge Entertainment, ICA, past and present Outlaws, the city of Opelousas and Houston, State of Texas and The US Congress. The awards and proclamations of "Step Rideau Day" inspire me to continue to make a difference in this music and culture that I love. I truly cherish these accolades and will push and pull to continue to live up to this honor bestowed upon me. Lookout zydeco fans...May 14 will never be the same!!!!

I hope you enjoy the slideshow from the Step Rideau 25/50 Epic Celebration. It's a day I'll never forget.


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